What Happened with No. 2

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It has taKELV8240ken me way too long to continue my dating blog! I started off writing with enthusiasm and excitement but then got caught up in how busy my life is!!!!

So I know you have all been anxiously waiting to hear what happened with No 2 – so here goes!

I want to start off by saying it is much easier to give dating advice than it is to write about my own dating experience!

No. 2 is a great guy and we went on some fun dates including a motorbike ride/lunch to York, movies, dinner, drinks and even a double date! I loved the dates he chose and enjoyed his company each time I met him. He was thoughtful and remembered what I said. By the 6th date he asked me to be his girlfriend which was lovely.

It proves the theory that when a guy is keen on you – you will be in no doubt or uncertainty as he will make sure he escalates things to the next level.

The thing was I liked his company but I found that I didn’t feel what I should do after 6 dates!  There is no rhyme or reason for this – it was just how I felt or didn’t feel.  I actually wished I did feel it, as he was a genuinely great guy. But I didn’t and you need to feel ‘that something’.

So to the part I HATE about dating – telling an awesome person I am not interested. I chose to tell him over the phone (I felt this was the best way after six dates). He was so lovely on the phone that I wanted to change my mind but I knew I couldn’t. So that was that.

Since No 2 I haven’t gone on any more dates – to start with my heart wasn’t in it. But since then I have gone through an incredibly busy period coaching, setting up other people on dates and running events in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

I do believe if you want to meet and date you have to dedicate the time it needs.

Ha so maybe next month I’ll manage that!!!

Deb xx

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