Number 2!

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I promised to let you know whKELV8319at happened with Number 2- so here goes!

It took six weeks to go on the 3rd date!

Why? Because of miscommunicating via text messages.  I discovered I am a ‘crap’ texter –my kids would be the first to agree and find it hard to believe I wouldn’t already know this!

No. 2  arranged to take me to lunch – it was a hard task to arrange a suitable time as I was busy running a couple of events in one week and the only time available was a Sunday. We agreed on the day and the place, but not the time.

The day came and guess what the lunch didn’t happen!  I messaged in the morning to see what time and no answer until the afternoon.  I was suitably p……ssed off and I obviously decided that was it! That was until I looked at my text messages over the last week. I found out that the confusion was caused by my crap messaging!

Ha we tried to clear up the confusion with more text messages that created more confusion!!!! It goes to show text messages are not the best way to communicate!

After the mix up, No. 2 texted on a few occasions during the work day to see if we could meet for a coffee. For me it is hard to get away at odd times for a coffee and I don’t see the point of a coffee date for a 3rd date. I can understand its relevance for a first date but not the 3rd.  Oh and I haven’t been drinking coffee since I went to India in January so smelling coffee and not being able to drink it doesn’t work for me!

No. 2 continued to text daily with no offer of catching up. I believe if the guy is interested he will make it happen. In this case he was texting but wasn’t making it happen so  I sent him a text saying maybe we should arrange a time to meet or if not we should be  ‘Pen Pals’. He answered saying yes we should but no offer to catch up.

He continued to text daily – which I found REALLY odd with no offer of catching up. Ha maybe it was Karma to get me to work on my texting – but it hasn’t worked, I am still crap.

About 2 weeks ago he messaged I joked about having a very quiet and boring week – something that rarely happens. So he asked me out! I have to admit I was more interested in him as he hadn’t asked me out – typical girl and typical of my normal patterns. So I agreed. He took me on his motorbike to Hilary’s for drinks and dinner.

I was initially terrified on the bike!!!! Thinking there wasn’t much between me and imminent injury, maiming or death!! Oh and it was freezing and not great for my freshly washed hair!!!!  On the date I said to him I didn’t think he was interested or maybe he was dating in between so texting to keep his options open. He responded saying he hadn’t caught up because he thought I wasn’t interested. The joys of miscommunication!!!!!

The date ended up being fun! Oh and I got over my fear of the bike – I think the couple of glasses of red help me relax.

After so much time had passed it did feel like we were back at date 1 though.

That night we arranged to meet the following Sunday to go on a motorbike ride to York and have lunch as I decided I loved the bike!

Will let you know how that went next week!

Deb x

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