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Ok time to continue the story!
After my last blog I left on a trip to India! For anyone who has not been to India it is a crazy, magical place and it is somewhere I didn’t ever want to go but now love! This was my 2nd visit to India and there are so many different places and experiences you can have. This time I went to Kerala in the South of the India right on the Arabian sea and stayed in a beautiful 4 star resort.
It was interesting how different this experience was to my first experience in India. I have to admit comparing the two to start with rather than enjoying this experience for what it was. How often are we all guilty of that?
Anyway, this wasn’t any old trip but it was to an Ayurveda resort where the focus is on health. If you are wondering what on earth this is you are not alone! Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system (a tradition for 5000 years) of medicine based on the idea of balancing your body using diet, massage, herbal treatments, along with yoga.
My day to day life is extremely busy so it was amazing to get away from everything and have a change of focus.
It was the perfect chance to detox body, mind and soul and at the same time I also decided it was also the perfect time to detox from men as well!  To find out what this is read Dating Detox.
Obviously what I was doing wasn’t working for me and I know that if I do what I have always done I will get what I have always gotten!
The experience was lovely and exceeded all my expectations – you really should join me the next time!
The resort was beautiful – it overlooked the ocean and was set in acres of palm trees and lush gardens. The resort did not have TV’s and only limited Wi-Fi in the reception area so I was able to disconnect. I have to admit that I did find this challenging at the start to go from being busy and a life full of stimulus to a slow, relaxed pace.
For 14 days this if what I experienced daily:
  •  Between 2-3 hours of blissful massages and treatments. The massages were amazing and the treatments could be quite interesting- they ranged from milk baths to oil dripping on your head to reduce stress it was so relaxing. I admit to falling asleep in many of the treatments as they were totally relaxing!
  • Specialised herbal medication to help you to detox and balance your system. Some were disgusting but soon forgotten and the effects worthwhile.
  • Amazing vegetarian food and juices. I can honestly say I didn’t miss meat and loved the food. If I lived in India I would find it easy to be a vegetarian. There were some interesting combinations as they made curry from everything. Two interesting choices were banana stem curry and watermelon curry – both delicious and did not taste how you might expect.
  • Yoga. I love doing a daily yoga class and this was more challenging than you might think. One of the guys equated it to more effort than a game of football! He was genuinely surprised!
  • Meditation. Meditation was the perfect way to start the day and I have continued this practice since I have come home. It really does make a difference to my day and how I feel.
  • Amazing company. I met such a variety of people from all over the world and made friends I won’t forget. We shared many interesting conversations over herbal tea!
  • Amazing views, ocean walks and swimming in the pool. It was lovely to be near the ocean.
 The days ended up quite full with meditation, yoga, treatments, etc – all this would generally take a minimum of five hours!
Nevertheless it was very relaxing and  I can tell you I soon got used to it – it was delightful. In fact I would go back in an instant!
There is sometime about getting away from your day to day environment. It helps you see life in a new and fresh way. It is also easier to make changes to your patterns. It is so easy to eat well when the food is prepared for you, avoid alcohol when everyone else is doing the same and exercise when there are daily classes available.
During the time away I did work with other singles on some deep issues, as well as be curious of my own patterns. But I will only talk about what I learnt about myself.
Before I went away I was well aware of my fear of losing my freedom and being trapped, of my life not being what I wanted it to be. But I  realised something else in the quiet of India!
I realised that I often get addicted to the drama and uncertainty in my life and on many levels actually enjoy that. This did surprise me as the reality it is not always a ‘fun’ experience. I do recognise where this come from, it was from living a very routine life for so long.  I do not like boredom and my pattern of choosing the type of people I do does prevent boredom! In NLP they call this secondary gain. My secondary gain was definitely the excitement. Intermittent contact from people can become quite addictive.
Being away from everything, everyone and in a totally different space made this easy to realise.  So my choice to do a dating detox in India was perfect the chance this particular pattern by going cold turkey 😉 Doing a detox from this addictive behaviour was a good as doing the food/alcohol detox!
It felt great! I felt different.
Til next time………
Debbie xxoxx

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